Another reason to admire the Man In Black…

Over at The bitter tears of Johnny Cash The untold story of Johnny Cash, protest singer and Native American activist, and his feud with the music industry By Antonino D’Ambrosio In July 1972, musician Johnny Cash sat opposite President Richard Nixon in the White House’s Blue Room. As a horde of media huddled a […]

What to do with Heidegger?

A New York Times book review of Heidegger: The Introduction of Nazism Into Philosophy once again raises the old debate about Martin Heidegger’s Nazism. Can we distinguish the individual who gave intellectual defense to racial superiority, totalitarianism, and Hitler, from the philosophical contributions to existentialism and the mentorship of Marcuse, Arendt, and Gadamer? Heidegger became a collaborator […]

Good WSJ Explanation of Actual Unemployment

Subscribing to Dean Baker‘s skepticism about the media’s reliability in reporting economics, I was surprised to find a brief, clear explanation on the new unemployment numbers in the Wall Street Journal. All of the major outlets are focusing on the 10.2 percent just released by the Labor Department. However, this figure, known as the U-3, includes those […]