DC’s Noncommitment to Recycling Reconfirmed

So, let me get this straight:

  1. Recycling is the least we can do to mitigate the effects of overconsumption and pollution;
  2. I dutifully spend hours each week washing and separating trash from recycling (including taking batteries to battery drops, white paper to the office, etc);
  3. These guys get to slam into our alley predawn yelling and wreaking havoc;
  4. AND then they throw it all together anyway???

I sure hope that the Council gets hammered with response to this article. This helpful link will connect you with your Councilmember: http://www.dccouncil.washington.dc.us/contactuscouncil and this one will connect you to the Mayor’s office: http://dc.gov/mayor/bios/brooks.shtm.

Just for good measure, here’s the phone number for Bowie’s, the culprit private trash collector featured in the City Paper story: 202-544-6611.

Washington City Paper:

Trash Collection - Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery, Washington City Paper
Photo Credit: Darrow Montgomery, Washington City Paper

After the truck releases the Dumpster, the garbagemen get their hands on something that doesn’t mix well with all that rotting garbage: the recycling. They roll up with bins holding newspaper, cardboard, bottles, and cans—all dutifully separated by employees at the bookstore and other businesses on this upper Connecticut Avenue strip. One by one, the men tip the contents of the recycling containers on top of the refuse—the bottles make a tinkling sound as the glass shatters against the truck bed.

Then: They go back to collecting trash. The driver hits a switch and it’s all smashed together before disappearing into the belly of the truck.

An exception? A rare case of wrongful commingling?

It doesn’t look that way if you spend some time following trucks of various private garbage companies around town.

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