Web improvement tool: Readability 2

Although I’m an appreciator of great lifehacking, I rarely pass on such suggestions to friends. Well, this find is so big that I am compelled (compelled!) to blog it. This little tool is saved to your browser’s bookmark bar, and when clicked, the page that you are currently visiting is stripped of all extra ads, flash videos, formatting, and all the other junk that makes web pages less readable.


What’s left is a simple page with unformatted text and the essential images that accompany it. Perfect for reading, printing, and otherwise utilizing text content through your browser.





By way of reference, the original article used nine pages to print, even with the site’s “print” feature. On the other had, the Readability version used only three pages to print. Just saying.

Check out Readability2 at http://brettterpstra.com/share/readability2.html.

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